Devices Against Distracted Driving

Distracted driving doesn’t discriminate between our personal and professional lives. Sure, we may find that texting or eating or screaming children capture our attention in the car when we’re off the clock. But we may be even more tempted, or even feel obliged, to engage in unsafe habits behind the wheel for the sake of “work”. When we’re on the clock, we’re more likely to make and receive “work” calls on the road, read or respond to email – even in a hands-free attempt – or gaze over to the GPS to get to the next job on time a few more times than we probably should. That doesn’t mean we should accept that as acceptable behavior. Nor should we look away from the issue (Unless you’re driving…then yes, look away).

Blank-it Software defends against driver distraction

But that’s sort of my point. We all know that in today’s digital world it’s devices that go down as the main perpetrator when an accident happens. Even AAA confirms that “drivers spend more than half their time focused on things other than driving.” But the reality is that it’s not the device that’s distracting us. It’s our choices; we allow ourselves to be sidetracked from concentrating on driving safely.

So what if I told you that devices could actually eliminate our distraction from devices? Seems ironic, sure. But the fact is that your field service workers spend a majority of their time on the road in your service vehicle. They have tablets or other devices mounted practically in front of their face and it’s human nature to want to look at what’s on that screen. You have a responsibility to keep them safe on your watch, so why not fight fire with better fire and install a “blank-it” type software coupled with motion-detecting vehicle docks on all your devices that absolutely shouldn’t be in use while driving? That protects them, you and everyone else on the road from the consequences of distracted driving.

But don’t stop there, check out some other hazards that in-vehicle tech can pose for your workers and then take a few minutes to map out a game plan on how you’ll tackle each of these starting tomorrow. Mobile tech isn’t going away. It’s only becoming more prevalent. So think a few steps ahead and make the investment now to keep that tech – and your workers – running long, strong and safely on the roads.

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