Mar 23, 2017

Alternatives : ne tombez pas dans le piège de l’Industrie 4.0

par Mark Holleran

Le changement des marchés, des plannings de production, des stocks, etc. est la seule constante commune à la fabrication, à l'entreposage et à la distribution. À cela s'ajoute maintenant la perspective de la transition technologique vers l'Industrie 4.0, ou IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).... Suite

Mar 07, 2017

Transformer la chaîne logistique… sans créer d’interruption

par Bob Ashenbrenner

Tout comme vous avez trouvé et installé un meilleur outil sur la chaîne de montage, vous devez trouver et mettre en place de meilleurs outils d’information dont la portée peut s’étendre sur l’intégralité du site : des appareils mobiles qui exécutent votre logiciel, le logiciel qui définit votre travail. ... Suite

Aug 23, 2016

Tablettes durcies Xplore : hier, aujourd’hui et demain

par Mark Holleran

Despite the changing technology landscape and economic climate over the last 20 years, the best mobile computing technology has always proven to be the rugged tablet. That’s why Xplore has always been hyper-focused on rugged tablet solutions, remaining at the forefront of the rugged tablet market since our first tablet was manufactured in 1996. ... Suite

May 21, 2016

Blog: De l’intérêt des certifications C1D2 ou ATEX en environnement explosif

par David Ball

Les certifications ATEX ou C1D2 devraient être des critères à prendre en considération dans le choix d’un PC portable durci. Ce sont en effet les deux normes les plus répandues, et les plus communément acceptées, pour indiquer le niveau de sécurité des produits utilisés dans les zones dangereuses.... Suite

May 13, 2016

Decontamination of Mobile Devices – Not Just a Healthcare Concern

par Tom Kost

Fluid contamination – and decontamination of devices using disinfecting chemicals – is not just a relevant consideration when shopping for mobile computers for healthcare. There are hundreds of different liquids that could harm a device used on the job, if it is not designed with the proper built-in rugged protections. Minimum Ingress Protection (IP) ratings aren’t going to protect the open I/O ports that remain common on today’s commercial off-the-shelf laptops, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones. ... Suite

May 06, 2016

Why Government Should Rally around Rugged Tablet Innovations

par Tom LaHoda

Rugged tablets are the one technology for Government that’s proven to enable real-time data access and management, business intelligence analytics, records management, and rapid, informed response capabilities for the entire workforce – regardless of whether they’re “mobile” on foot, vehicle, or lift, or even a traditional office worker. ... Suite

Apr 29, 2016

Large Scale Public Sector Innovation is within Reach – with Rugged Tablets

par Tom LaHoda

Rugged tablets provide the fundamental, near future-proof mobile computing platform needed to provide long-term investment protection for hundreds of other government agency initiatives. Investing in a rugged tablet form factor, which consolidates all peripherals into a single device, provides new economies and offers a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) when all is said and done. ... Suite

Apr 22, 2016

Smart Manufacturing (and Mobility) May Be Closer Than You Think

par Jenna Liermann

Investment in automation along with mobility solutions must be the first step in creating modern, paperless manufacturing plants that will thrive amid new competition. To gain access to the information they need to monitor, maintain, and report on the functioning of the sophisticated machinery, they need rugged tablet PCs that give them access to all of the server-based software that is running the manufacturing floor.... Suite

Apr 15, 2016

Utilities aren’t the Only Ones Finding Their Way with GIS

par admin

GIS information is influencing the operational efficiency of professionals in almost every global industry. Asset location, maintenance, and management is always more efficient when you know exactly where to go, and when. First you need to know how to find all the right GIS-ready features in a single mobile PC package. For many industries, that will be a rugged tablet-based solution. Access to GIS data is easier on a bigger screen, hence the trend towards using rugged tablets in the field versus smaller smartphones or heavier notebooks and laptops.... Suite

Apr 07, 2016

Is a Rugged Tablet’s Vibration Tolerance Its Greatest Virtue?

par Tom Kost

Most mobile PC devices – regardless of form factor – are prone to high failure rates, and fast failure, when vibrations are present. The selection of a mobile computer for vibration-prone environments requires a thorough vetting process that will ultimately rely on field-validated failure rates and TCO calculations. ... Suite

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