The Making of a Market Leader

We had both been industry pioneers for over a decade, and we almost immediately recognized how perfectly the XPLORE and Motion product lines and customer segments complement each other. Together, XPLORE now offers the broadest portfolio of rugged tablets on Earth with virtually no overlap in our existing product lineups. And together, with our full range of rugged, fully rugged and ultra-rugged tablet PCs, we can now serve nearly all the rugged computing requirements of our customers, giving them a single point of accountability across the enterprise.

Strength In Numbers

It’s because of simple – but natural – synergies like this that, from the outside looking in, you may not even see an obvious difference in how we continue to innovate, collaborate with partners or solve our customers’ toughest mobility challenges.

  • Operationally, our teams have been moving fast to integrate back-office systems, develop a new website and continue production and delivery of current orders without disruption to our customers.
  • Deployment of our account management teams has provided continuity in the relationships we have built over decades with customers, and channel partners , and
  • We’ve been instituting a unified operating structure that embraces our shared Austin, Texas roots and global assets.

While some may have expected growing pains during the transition, XPLORE has remained financially strong – achieving our most successful quarter in the company’s history with 191% revenue gains year-over-year in our most recently reported quarter.

Bottomline: We’re building on our past success and expanding as a leader in the rugged tablet market.

With the acquisition of Motion’s product lines, XPLORE's footprint has grown in Austin, in the rugged mobility industry and in the global market. We’re currently the number two manufacturer of rugged tablets worldwide. And though we’ve grown in scale, we’ve become more customer-focused, more agile and more creative. Our efforts are laser focused on identifying the unique mobility requirements of our customers and delivering mobile computing technologies for every tough job our customers must complete. We proved this when we introduced the XSLATE B10 fully rugged tablet a few weeks ago.

And though the telecom, utility, public safety and government sectors have long been – and will remain – strongholds, we’re now well positioned to more aggressively address the rugged mobility requirements of the manufacturing, distribution, transportation and natural resources industries as well.

We believe we now have the right people in the right places, the versatile set of resources, the decades of technical expertise, the proven mobility architectures and the uniquely compatible company culture to achieve that vision and remain your partner in creating a powerful, productive mobile workforce.

We value our customers, our partners and each other, and we’ll remain committed to the delivering the same high quality customer experience and reliable rugged mobile tablets that you have always expected and received from both XPLORE and Motion.

I’ll share more details of our strategic collaborations and continued innovation very soon. In the meantime, my team will keep you informed on upcoming rugged mobility products, customer successes and emerging industry trends. So stay tuned into this blog for weekly updates and insights into topics that we know matter to your mobility strategy.

- Mark Holleran, Xplore President and COO

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