The Journey to Redefine the Rugged Tablet Experience

By Cliff Adams, Product Manager for Motion Computing

A few weeks ago we launched our new R12 Rugged Platform. As the R12 Product Manager, I’ve been involved in the project since its inception almost 2 years ago. I took the success of this platform on personally, as did all the engineers and designers involved. We challenged ourselves to deliver a solution that not only meets the needs of our customers, but also raises the bar for the rugged computing industry. We set out to do something special with this platform in terms of design and functionality based on what mobile workers were craving.

Motion R12 Platform

We wanted this platform to redefine what was expected from a rugged tablet, so the first thing we did was make this much more than a tablet by designing a portfolio of accessories that would meet the demands of a worker moving from the field to the vehicle to the office. We worked with an Art Studio to generate a tablet design that really resonates with our users while reducing the weight and thickness by over 25% from its predecessor. We continued our no compromise approach to the performance side of things and have delivered a product that is faster and more efficient than any prior Motion tablet with the security and manageability that make it ready for enterprise environments.

With everything we did, we kept the end user needs in mind. In the following video clips, our designers and engineers speak in their own words on the journey to redefine rugged.

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