Jan 22, 2016

Rugged Tablets’ Practicality Extends Beyond PC Itself

por Kirk Meyer

When you're shopping for mobile technology for your Mining or Oil & Gas operations, we know that you're not stopping at the first rugged computer that meets all of your criteria. Nor are you stopping after you realize that a rugged tablet is the right choice. ... Continuado

Jan 14, 2016

Rugged Tablet Deployments are Just the First Step Towards Smart Mobility

por Bob Ashenbrenner

“Necessary but not sufficient.” Mathematics as a discipline introduced many of us to this concept. Referring to a part of the solution that is required, but by itself is not the complete answer, is the underpinning of many engineering concepts.... Continuado

Jan 07, 2016

Are We Rugged Enough Yet? Ask the Dial Tone Team

por Bob Ashenbrenner

​I’ve had the privilege to serve on a leading team of rugged tablet innovators since 2001 – first with Motion Computing and now with Xplore, which acquired Motion in April 2015. Over the years, we’ve been pioneers in developing and shipping tablet PCs (and only tablet PCs) to serve global customers across many industrial verticals. ... Continuado

Dec 21, 2015

Rugged Tablet I/O Needs Aren’t New, They’re Just Not Optional Anymore

por admin

Last week I stressed that Manufacturing, Distribution, and Logistics operations have unique connectivity needs not necessarily found in other industries. USB ports alone can’t satisfy all of their I/O requirements for testing, inspection, and other every day workflows. Relying on USB bridges as work-arounds for HDMI and Serial Cable connections aren’t really cutting it anymore either. (While these USB-to-Serial dongles kind-of work, are you really going to continue changing your expensive CNC machine to conform to a dongle?)... Continuado

Dec 15, 2015

New Rugged Tablet I/O Standards Remove Guesswork from the Logistics Equation

por admin

Supply chain logistics are all about exact calculations: cost, weight, schedules, routes, inventory volume, etc. So why would you settle with a mobile computing device that requires you to guesstimate – and compromise – your I/O connectivity needs?... Continuado

Nov 30, 2015

Mobility Doesn’t Mean Insecurity: Locking Down Your Data with Android

por Bob Ashenbrenner

A few weeks back, my colleague Scott Ball was asked by the mobile security experts at about whether or not the mobile tablets being used by defense industry manufacturers are really as secure as their operations mandate.... Continuado

Nov 18, 2015

Rugged PCs Payoff, Negate Mobility Risks in Distribution, Transportation Industries

por Bob Ashenbrenner

There’s a single question that tends to arise most often among warehouse and distribution center (DC) reps when we talk: “Will mobility really give me much benefit beyond current systems? I know that the costs are real and up-front, but will there really be a payback?”... Continuado

Nov 10, 2015

Meet Android’s Fully Rugged Champion

por Tom Kost

Android™ has cultivated an impressive workforce mobility culture within the last couple years thanks the unique security and flexibility of its open source environment. But, as many mobile workers are starting to realize, Android alone can’t protect against the environmental challenges of today’s most industrial sectors and Hazardous Locations (HazLoc).... Continuado

Nov 04, 2015

C1D2 vs. C1Z2 Compliant Rugged Tablets: Is there Really a Difference?

por Tom Kost

​No, rugged tablet manufacturers are not making typos on their product spec sheets.
The sudden appearance of C1Z2 compliance markings – versus the more familiar C1D2 classification – is intentional and, yes, new. But, while the change is raising some eyebrows, you shouldn’t worry that your rugged tablet is any less safe when tested using a “Z” classification versus a “D” – or that your mobile workers are any less protected when using C1Z2 compliant mobile computers in Hazardous Locations.... Continuado

Oct 30, 2015

Logistics Mobility 101: How to Keep Things Moving

por admin

Logistics are all about mobility. And though I can understand that no one wants to risk disrupting the decades-old, proven processes of Manufacturing, Transportation, Warehousing and Distribution channels, the fact is that mobility-driven operations from mobile technologies.... Continuado

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