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Motion Computing Connection Manager for Gobi Global Mobile Internet and GPS solution

Release Date

May 15, 2010

This Version

Replaces Version

All previous versions

Intended Users

J3400, C5v, and F5v users

Intended Product

J3400, C5v, and F5v Tablet PCs ONLY

File Size

1.7 MB

Supported Operating System

  • Windows Vista (all versions except Windows Vista Home Basic)
  • Windows XP Tablet Edition 2005*, Version 2002, Service Pack 2 – Installed, Service Pack 3 - Installed.
  • Windows 7


* Tablet Edition 2005 is included with the free Service Pack 2 download.  If you installed Windows XP Service Pack 2 on a Tablet PC, you now have Tablet Edition 2005.

Fixes in this Release

·         Several known issues with previous versions of MotionCM have been fixed in this release.

What's New In This Release

  • MotionCM now supports both the Gobi 1000 and Gobi 2000 wireless broadband modules.
  • Support for different authentication methods has been added to MotionCM.  The authentication method is selected in the Networks page as part of each carrier profile and can be one of None, CHAP, PAP or Auto.  The authentication method is stored in the profiles.txt file along with the other profile information.
  • The GPS feature of MotionCM now clears any stored location data whenever GPS is started.  This action causes the almanac data to update immediately and results in faster satellite acquisition times. 
  • The GPS information display has been improved to increase its accuracy and reliability.
  • The management and display of various information, call status and error messages has been simplified and improved.
  • The Rogers (Canada) profile now uses the Generic UMTS/EU carrier firmware, as the Generic UMTS/NA firmware is no longer supported.

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Arrow keys used in profile list do not populate profile information.
  • SMS messaging does not work correctly for some European T-Mobile carriers.
  • SMS is not supported for CDMA profiles.

Installation and Configuration Instructions

You must uninstall any previous version of the Motion Connection Manager before installing this version.


To install this software:

1.Click download to save the Motion Connection Manager software ( to the directory of your choice.

2.    Unzip the file to a location on your local drive.

3.    Double-click MotionCMSetupxxxx.msi and follow the prompts


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