Xplore is far more than just a rugged tablet company. Why Xplore

Xplore has been a global rugged tablet industry pioneer for over 20 years. Xplore offers the broadest portfolio of rugged tablets on Earth. Our full range of rugged, fully rugged and ultra-rugged tablet PCs are purpose-built to serve the rugged tablet requirements of our customers worldwide.

Why Xplore

Why Xplore  We Are Rugged

Did you know that non-rugged mobile computing devices have an annual total cost of ownership (TCO) that is more than TWICE that of a rugged mobile PC? That means that any of Xplore’s MIL-STD-810G, IP5X/IP6X, and ATEX/C1D2/C1Z2 compliant rugged tablets will save you twice as much money in the long-run as any consumer-grade device on the market, regardless of industry or workflow. 

Why Xplore - We are Vertical Experts

Why Xplore  We Are Vertical Experts

Xplore collaborates with today’s marquee military, government, manufacturing, public safety, utility, transportation, and natural resource organizations to understand individual business challenges. Together, we identify and implement rugged tablets that are purpose-built for your unique workflows. Our customers know that Xplore’s technology is built for the way you work, and they lean on our 150+ years of combined executive leadership experience to elevate their own mobility leadership.

Why Xplore - We Are Connected

Why Xplore   We Are Connected

For the past 20+ years, Xplore’s been building rugged mobility platforms, and relationships, that matter. We are industry experts with proven success in our customer deployments. We work closely with global software vendors, resellers, and system integrators to ensure we’re serving our customers’ needs so they have the right mobile technology and resources to better serve their customers.

Why Xplore - We Are Architects

Why Xplore  We Are Architects

Although Xplore’s ultra-rugged tablets and rugged tablets are the #1 and #2 preferred rugged tablets worldwide, we are not just a tablet company. In fact, every one of the 28 rugged tablet platforms we’ve launched, and each of the 38 U.S. patents we’ve been granted in the last 20+ years, have been focused on laying a strong foundation for your end-to-end mobile solution. We think beyond the rugged tablet to ensure our technology is compatible with your entire business mobility solution. We even identify and integrate all of the mobile platform pieces for you: hardware & peripherals, in-vehicle solutions, connectivity, software, and service.

Why Xplore - We Are Guardians

Why Xplore  We Are Guardians

We protect your existing IT infrastructure investments long-term with rugged tablet platform stability and support for multiple generations of both Windows and Android operating systems. Not only do our tough mobile computers boast long product life cycles, but we also maintain consistency in our form factors to preserve peripheral compatibility. Plus, our expandable rugged tablets offer operational flexibility that extends the life of current software, security, and back office systems, lowering the cost of IT training and support.

Why Xplore - We Are Agile

Why Xplore  We Are Agile

Xplore is very effective in bringing new technology and customer needs together. We are large enough to solve complex problems, yet small enough to do so quickly. In more than 20 years of innovation, we have been the first rugged mobile leader to integrate WWAN and the first to introduce bonded displays, hot swappable batteries, dockable cases, Gorilla Glass tablet displays, and a mobile clinical assistant. We also routinely design and build custom solutions for the unique workflow requirements identified by our enterprise and OEM customers.

Why Xplore - We Promise to Deliver

And We Promise to Deliver

Reduced deployment risk and lower TCO for your Company’s short-term and long-term rugged mobility investments. Increased efficiency, accuracy, and safety for all of your rugged tablet users.

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