TCO Calculator

Compare Rugged and Consumer Tablet Costs with the Xplore TCO Calculator

Compare Rugged and Consumer Tablet Costs

Using all the factors that contribute to long term consumer and rugged tablet costs, the Total Cost of Ownership Calculator will tell you EXACTLY what you can save.

Rugged and consumer tablet costs are made up of much more than just the purchase price. The Xplore TCO calculator, co-created with VDC Research, leading experts on mobile device technology, lets you factor in the "soft costs" that also affect overall price, like failure rates, lost productivity, and IT support costs.

Just plug in a few numbers, and the TCO calculator will generate a long term cost analysis, as well as an estimate of annual savings that could be gained from switching to rugged devices.

The TCO Calculator is great for:

  • Determining cost differences for factors like lost productivity, IT support, and failure rates.
  • Anyone seeking to implement a mobile solution for the first time, or replace consumer devices.
  • Justifying purchase of rugged devices to key decision makers.
  • Quickly determining potential annual savings from switching to rugged tablets, using just a few key numbers.

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