“Built-to-Last” Tablet PCs with Shock-Resistant Storage


It doesn't matter if your ruggedized mobile computer spends most of its time near an aircraft manufacturing assembly line, in a forklift mount, or near an oil drilling site. It is prone to shock exposure. That's why we utilize damage resistant SSDs in all Xplore rugged tablets to guard against internal shock impact. Shock and vibration-resistant docking systems also secure Xplore's tough tablets against excessive exposure during in-vehicle transit.

Shock-Resistant SSD and Docking Systems: Shockproof Tablet Storage

One critical advantage of Xplore rugged tablets is our utilization of shockproof Solid State Drives (SSD) versus the traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDD) common in most other mobile devices, desktops and laptops. All SSDs have a very high degree of shock resistance because they don’t have moving parts like an HDD drive. Therefore, your most valuable data remains guarded against damage resulting from a drop, a bump or normal environmental vibrations experienced while moving around industrial work sites. 

Xplore's shockproof tablet features aren't exclusive to internal storage components, though. We also offer shock resistant docking systems that leverage military-grade design elements to hold the rugged tablet more securely in place and maintain connectivity regardless of vibration, transit shock, crash shock, or the elements. Several Xplore xDock docking solutions actually eliminate the pogo connector for enhanced performance and peripheral integrity in high shock and vibration situations, whether in a vehicle, on a forklift, or on a locomotive.