Rugged Computers with Sealed Ports

Xplore Rugged Tablet with Sealed Ports for Protection from both Inside and Outside the Tablet

When your office is outside, you need a weatherproof rugged mobile computer that won't power down if exposed to water or dust. But keeping that tough mobile PC protected against rain, snow, ice or dust means sealing off any potential entry points, especially the I/O connection ports used most frequently in the field - and most often open during inclement weather. That's why  Xplore's newest rugged tablets all feature IP55 or IP65 rated sealed ports to protect your most valuable data and keep your most critical connections active in your most challenging mobile work environments.

Xplore Tablet PCs with Sealed Ports

Connections matter to your work. That's why we've gone to extremes to protect them against rain, snow, ice or dust ingress with sealed ports on all of our newest rugged tablets.

Water and dust can easily penetrate USB, HDMI, RJ45 and other critical input/output connections if they don't include properly sealed port covers, causing undue damage to the device and data. In fact, just because a rugged PC boasts an IP rating of IP55 or IP65 does not mean that its I/O connections have sealed port covers providing the same level of protection.

However, Xplore is committed to protecting the integrity of the mobile data that drives your daily productivity by protecting the integrity of the rugged mobile PC that's central to your organization’s livelihood. We physically seal the I/O ports most critical to your workflows in the same way you seal the doors and windows critical to the security of your personal livelihood at home. We build in safeguards to prevent mobile PC failure during extreme temperature fluctuations, making your sealed rugged tablet immune to the harsh work environments typical to daily ManufacturingTelecommunicationsTransportation and Distribution operations.

And though many rugged computers offer minimal I/O ports to reduce potential liquid or dust breaches, Xplore has set a new standard in water and dust protection with the introduction of the XSLATE B10 Fully Rugged Tablet PC: A sealed rugged mobile PC that features a total of 8 standard I/O ports, including at least 4 sealed ports on the rear panel offering IP65 protection. No more I/O compromises needed.

  • All sealed ports feature an IP55 or IP65 rating when closed
  • Four of the most frequently used ports are now sealed on the inside of the XSLATE B10 Fully Rugged Tablet too. This means water won't leak in even if those sealed ports are left open.
  • Onboard and docking connectivity sealed ports include USB 3.0, RJ45, True Serial, and micro-HDMI.