Rugged Mobile Computing in State and Local/Municipal Governments

State and local governments are responsible for establishing and maintaining some of our communities’ most critical services, ranging from public safety to healthcare, parks and recreation to education, community housing to welfare, and transportation to public works. Whether the population you’re serving is 10 or 10 million, government municipalities benefit from the accuracy and efficiency of rugged mobile computing solutions, and durable tablet PC platforms in particular.

Xplore rugged tablets are designed to securely serve every tough mobile computing need of State and Local/Municipal government organizations so that you can in turn serve every critical need of your constituents from a single PC device.

From active data capture capabilities to real-time records retrieval, Xplore rugged tablet PCs are ideal for real-time, end-to-end mobile project management and task completion in the office, in your vehicle, and at job sites in the field. Dual factor authentication, fingerprint readers, Common Access Card (CAC), and physical locking mechanisms protect sensitive information and your investment. Plus, outdated paper documentation methods can’t compete with the long-term space and cost savings your state or local government organization achieve by accurately capturing and storing incident logs, maintenance records, and historical documents on the removable drives of Xplore durable tablet PCs.

The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) has even designated Xplore's entire lineup of rugged tablets a preferred mobile computing platform for all state agencies serving all public sectors. Inquire with Ingram Technologies or your Xplore sales representative about employing Xplore rugged tablets for your state or local government organization's toughest jobs.

Xplore's Rugged Tablets are Ideal for State and Local/Municipal Government Activities such as:


  • Code compliance and inspection
  • Training and education
  • Public safety operations
  • Infrastructure construction, maintenance and repairs
  • Asset management
  • Fleet management
  • Public service and utility diagnostics and management
  • GIS surveying
  • Public transportation
  • Parking enforcement
  • Public health clinics
  • Military manufacturing