Rugged Mobile Computing for Federal Government

Whether serving the country abroad or at home, all Federal Government employees need a reliable, real-time view of current events, opportunities and available resources to implement vital agency programs to the highest standards. Sensitive data and critical workflows need to be securely accessible - and centralized - when diplomatic, public safety, housing, engineering, space, education, and transportation workers are on the move. But the Federal Government's mobile workforce is far from exclusive to these specific agencies.That's why  Xplore rugged tablets are purposely built with the data, communications, and security needs of all Federal Government programs.

Xplore rugged tablet PCs for Federal Government are the best, and most durable, mobile computing choice when you need 24/7 data accessibility and security, constant communications capabilities, physical protection from inclement weather conditions, and  high-altitude resiliency. Xplore rugged tablets power a wide-range of mobile workflows for Federal Government such as inspection, quality control and compliance, asset management, program planning, public safety, healthcare operations, and transportation scheduling.

Fortunately, Xplore's full lineup of ultra-rugged, fully-rugged, and rugged tablet PCs for Federal Government are approved for GSA/e-Tool procurement. That means that all Federal Government agencies now have access to the reliable, tough mobile computing platforms they require for program oversight far beyond the four walls of a traditional office environment.

Xplore's Rugged Tablets Are Ideal for Federal Government Agencies Tasked with:


  • Code compliance and inspection
  • Training and education
  • Public safety operations
  • Infrastructure construction, maintenance and repairs
  • Asset management
  • Public service and utility diagnostics and management
  • Environmental and health protection