Motion F5m Rugged Tablet PC

Rugged, Integrated, Powerful, and Field Ready

F5m Rugged Tablet PC

The Rugged Field Worker  

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The F5m rugged mobile computing series delivers high-end, lasting processing power in an ergonomic and ruggedized package. The rugged tablets' 5th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, including the highest performing Intel® i7 vPro™ processor, provide the power to quickly move through computation-intensive applications while increasing overall power efficiency.

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F5m Tablet PC is Rugged and Field Ready

  • Rugged and Field Ready Tablet

    Rigorously tested to MIL-STD-810G, IP54 standards to prevent and survive daily bumps and drops

  • Ergonomic and Easy to Use 

    3.3lbs of lightweight mobility with a slip-free grip and molded handle

  • Improved Data Accuracy

    Embedded 4G XLTE mobile broadband, integrated barcode scanners and annotated image capture

  • Adaptable to Its Environment

    Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT EasyConnect modules make this rugged computer powerful in the field, vehicle or office

  • Enterprise class security

    Data and systems are secure with multi-factor authentication

The Motion F5m by Xplore is Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT

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F5m Rugged Tablets for Utilities Mobile Computing

Built for Demanding Work Environments

The new F5m durable tablet is perfect for real-world mobile computing tasks. Field workers will have the tools needed to reduce data capture errors and improve real-time communication, resulting in better decision making and labor cost savings.

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C5M Rugged Tablet PC

Motion C5m

Easily Disinfected, Lightweight and Durable Rugged Tablet PC Built for demanding mobile patient care environments that require robust enterprise software compatibility, the Motion C5m Rugged Tablet offers the durability and functionality you need to seamlessly go wherever you care.

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  • Motion F5m Rugged Tablet Tour Front
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  • Motion F5m Rugged Tablet Tour Top
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