To Be a Top Performer, Invest in Top Performing Mobile Tech

Performance matters. To athletes and students. Entrepreneurs and enterprises. Individuals and entire teams. Why? Because key performance indicators (KPIs) allow us to track progress and define success. But the new reality is that human performance – and therefore success – is highly influenced by technology. Even our most refined physical skills and well-honed talents are being optimized or supplemented by technology in some capacity these days. That means that technology performance matters too. More than many of us may consciously recognize as we go about our lives.

Top Performing Mobile Tech

Consider athletes: Pros and amateurs alike have become dependent on tech to help them monitor and improve their form, heart rate, and time. Teachers are increasingly replacing hard-copy books with computing technologies that aid in their efforts to track, facilitate, and accelerate student learning. Even fast food chains are leveraging advanced point of sale (POS) technology to improve customer experiences. And we have certainly seen technology penetrate nearly every aspect of our professional lives, regardless of how we make our living. (But don’t panic. Humans have not been completely replaced by robots or AI yet. Our skills and intellect are still very valuable in the workplace.)

That being said, companies of all sizes, in nearly every industry, are quickly recognizing that the measure of worker performance – and therefore overall organizational performance – can no longer be delineated by the impact of an individual’s manual skill set or exerted effort alone. Workers’ job titles may remain the same as they were five years ago, but their job descriptions are evolving. As is the application of their skills.

Automated systems are expediting or replacing some of the most basic manual actions to free up workers’ time for more strategic tasks. “Smart” technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) are accelerating industry’s ability to deliver specialized and highly customized goods and services at unprecedented levels. And it’s anyone’s guess how technology utilization will evolve in business in 2017. (We’ve made a few predictions of our own about the role of government in the advancement of rugged mobility and the simultaneous influence of mobile computers on industrial innovation and broader technological progress in the coming months.)

But what is almost certain is that you will make some investment in mobile computing technology this year – either as an individual or company. Rapidly advancing mobile computing technologies are facilitating the rise of the “information worker,” which enables the performance of highly skilled workers to be amplified via more collaborative workflows and real-time data analysis. In turn, many organizations are seeing a strong correlation between the performance of their mobile technologies and fluctuations in their KPIs. Hence, the reason why investing in the best mobile computing technology your money will buy is the best advice we can give you, regardless of your professional resolutions this year or the broader organizational goals your team is striving to attain in the next 3-5 years. To be a top performer – either as an individual or company – you must invest in top performing technology.

However, it can be time consuming and highly inefficient to spend days, weeks and even months trying to decipher the meaning of manufacturers’ often technical product spec sheets. Not everyone can easily determine the long-term performance expectations of an Intel i3, i5, or i7 Core-Series Processor in their operating environment. Nor will everyone think to consider the impact of a processor’s thermal design power (TDP) on overall performance. And no, we don’t expect our customers to be perfectly well-versed on why certain configuration features are better than others and why (i.e. a solid state drive/SSD vs. standard hard drive). It can also be frustrating to try to piece together a mobility solution by yourself – especially if you don’t have the right computer for the job to begin with.

That’s why our second-best piece of advice to anyone considering a mobile tech buy in 2017 is to read these two unbiased, but highly qualified, experts’ reports on what makes a rugged tablet a top performer today. (They’ve put these tablets through rigorous testing, and you might be surprised at who’s on top, who’s not, and WHY.)
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