Rugged Computers with Built to Last Durability

"Built-to-Last" Durability Specs for Rugged Computers

From the chemically hardened display glass to the slip-free grip of a tablet's carrying handle, each Xplore rugged tablet has features that provide extra durability during extreme field conditions. These rugged features only make Xplore's lab-tested and field-proven mobile computer designs more appealing for everyday use. Find out how Xplore rugged tablets are Built to Last, and see which features you should demand for mobile PC reliability and long-lasting investment protection.

"Built to Last" Mobile PCs with Damage-Resistant Displays

Drops happen, screen cracks shouldn’t. That’s why chemically strengthened display glass is a must-have feature of any rugged mobile computer used in field, factory, or forklift environments. Find a rugged tablet that comes standard with a strong, damage resistant screen that’s viewable under any indoor/outdoor lighting.

"Built to Last" Mobile PCs Made with Industrial Strength Frame

Ruggedized mobile computers are known for their durability, but industrial-grade designs don’t have to be rigid. In fact, the longest-lasting rugged tablets feature an industrial strength magnesium frame that delivers flexibility and stability during daily wear-and-tear and extreme handling. Confirm the strength of your rugged mobile computer frame now.

"Built to Last" Mobile Computers with Sealed Ports

Connections matter. So does your rugged tablet and the critical data it captures. Protect all of the above against water and dust penetration, even when your external I/O ports are open and exposed to the elements.

"Built to Last" Mobile PCs with a Slip-Free Grip

Keep a (rubberized) handle on your rugged mobile computing device and critical data. Find out which slip-resistant design features and carrying case options should be available to secure your rugged tablet PC in transit.

"Built to Last" Mobile Computers with Shock-Resistant Storage

When considering a rugged tablet’s vibration and shock tolerance, you have to consider both internal data storage drives and external docking/mounting solutions. Be sure your mobile PC solution offers a Solid State Drive and shockproof in-vehicle/forklift terminal mounting system – if you want to protect your mobility investment long term.