Rugged Mobile Computers for Warehousing Operations

Xplore fully rugged tablets are among the few, fully prepared to power all of your complex Warehouse operations while on the move, including on the forklift used within the aisles of the refrigerated Warehouse. Our tough tablet PCs feature a versatile design and wide range of rugged specs that ensure your data – and delivery windows – survive fast transitions between the highly variable climate conditions of the loading dock and warehouse storage facilities.

All Xplore rugged tablets are equipped with extensive vehicle mounting and docking options, barcode scanners, and hi-res cameras for easy inventory management within the warehouse environment – plus the most expansive suite of I/O ports for external equipment integration. If real-time visibility into inventory levels, packing orders, shipping status, and quality control inspections are daily requirements for your warehouse workers, then Xplore rugged mobile computers are the best way to mobilize, automate, and reduce errors within your most critical Warehousing workflows.

Xplore's Rugged Tablet PCs are Ideal for Warehouse Management Operations such as:

Rugged Tablets Warehousing

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Asset Tracking via RFID
  • Barcode Scanner-based Inventory Management
  • Inventory Quality Inspection and Damage Documentation
  • Warehouse Maintenance and Repairs
  • Work Order Management for Packing, Shipping and Receiving