Poundland Modernizes Warehouse Operations with Xplore Mobile Technology

Poundland is Europe’s largest single price discount retailer and winner of the 2013 Grocer Gold’s Discount Retailer of the Year Awards. It has 485 branches nationwide and serves 4.5 million customers every week.

In order to boost productivity and realize substantial cost savings, Poundland turned to Xplore partner Box Technologies to replace their legacy system with a mobile technology solution built around the Motion F5 by Xplore Tablet PC.

With an integrated camera, digitizer pen and barcode scanner, the Motion F5 by Xplore now does the job of the previous four separate pieces of hardware. Improved battery life has led to an increase in productivity as warehouse personnel use the tablet’s hot-swap battery feature to easily replace an existing battery with a charged battery. This all occurs on the warehouse floor while the Tablet is operating, with no need to shut down or standby.