Northern Lakes Fire District Maintains 100% Accountability, Improves Firefighter Safety on Scene

XSLATE R12 Rugged Tablets Exclusively Power North America's First Digital Incident Command, Fire Roster Solution

Fire chiefs and battalion commanders around the world cite communications breakdowns as the number one cause of accidents/incidents during response.

“I’m sure any fire, rescue or law enforcement agency will attest to the struggle of personnel tracking during mutual aid responses. If you don’t have accountability dialed for one agency, then can become a problem very quickly when outside agencies enter the scene and the incident commander is unable to confirm who is on scene or the current location of those known to be on scene,” Morrison explained.

With a tablet-based solution such as the one BATT3 designed, all agencies have a way to quickly coordinate and track assets. And, since all three fire agencies in this Idaho county use the same ICx command board and Fire Roster system, they can immediately sync operations as needed to expedite their response.