Anchorage Municipality Employs Xplore Rugged Tablets to Digitally Maintain and Inventory Traffic Control Devices

The municipality of Anchorage, Alaska was faced with a challenge. Dependent on a paper record keeping system for tracking its 65,000 street signs, Anchorage was not able to fully comply with Title 9 of its municipal code. The code required Anchorage to maintain an accurate record of its traffic control devices for maintenance and operation. Associate traffic engineer, Lee Coop, municipal traffic engineer Bob Keniefel, and foreman Dan Carlson were assigned by Anchorage to help spearhead the task.

“The new digital inventory allows us a check on the system. Now we can query our digital inventory for ‘poor condition signs,’ by ‘customer complained about signs’ or other queries without having to send someone out in the field to do a check.”