Ada County Prepares for Future with Rugged Motion F5 Tablets by Xplore

Ada County Sheriff’s Office in Idaho has armed its more than 155 deputies with Motion F5 tablets by Xplore, in-vehicle docks and desktop mounts to allow for more frequent and successful use of e-citations and other emerging criminal justice applications. Intended to replace older, end-of-life mobile computers that long denied law enforcement officers access to their most frequently used field applications, Xplore’s technology provides both easy, out-of-vehicle use as well as increased data processing speed for faster situational analysis capabilities during incident response.

"Xplore’s mobility solutions have already proven their ability to protect both our people – employees and citizens – and pockets. We trust the Motion F5 tablet to direct our deputies to the right place and give them the information they need to perform their jobs in the field quickly, accurately and efficiently."