Xplore Partners Coming Together For Rugged Tablet Growth

Xplore Partner Program

The Xplore Partner Program is designed to bring the value of the most complete line of Rugged Tablets together with the premier technology partners in the business to create awareness of rugged tablet solutions, generate sales opportunities, and increase revenue in the growing Rugged Tablet space.

The Xplore Partner Program provides partners with exclusive opportunities to differentiate their business and drive growth and profitability. Benefits of the program include access to marketing funds, quality leads, and product and solution training, along with technical resources to effectively drive business in the Rugged tablet space. Not only will you have the tools to better support your customers, but you’ll have the support needed from Xplore to extend your own market reach and generate new sales and growth opportunities.

Partners gain round-the-clock, real-time access to a secure partner portal for sales and marketing tools, product and sales support, and online certification training. Partners also benefit from direct access to Regional Sales Directors, Inside Sales Representatives, and Solutions Architects serving as dedicated resources for your business and customer needs.

Apply now to become an Xplore Partner and start experiencing the benefits that could be available to you*:

  • Marketing development funds
  • Participation in lead generation programs
  • Participation in joint marketing programs
  • Discounted demo pricing
  • Product and solution training

*Xplore Partner access to certain benefits may be subject to additional revenue performance and capability requirements. Contact your Xplore Partner Program representative to see how you can qualify for specific benefits.

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