How Much Does a Rugged Tablet – and Peace of Mind – Really Cost Your Business?

You recognize the importance of mobilizing your business, and you understand that with the right technology tools in place you can work from anywhere – on anything – without missing a beat. Long gone are the days of being “in the office” all day, every day.

But do you understand the total cost of mobility?  Despite popular belief, shopping for enterprise or industrial-grade mobile solutions is not as simple as shopping for personal mobility solutions. There aren’t “new every two” trade in programs for your business computer, either. Even if there was, frequent replacement of the mobile technologies central to on-the-job productivity and efficiency is far from ideal. In fact, frequent mobile PC replacement (and the systems it supports) can be very disruptive to your business and, sometimes, your customers’ businesses.

That’s why it’s so important to look beyond the sticker price of hardware, software, and accessories to weigh the cost vs. value of various mobile PC form factors and feature sets.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re mobilizing an entire field service workforce (the most obvious beneficiaries of mobile technology) or you want to give your retail, healthcare, manufacturing, or public safety teams more flexibility in brick-and-mortar job sites, the formula for factoring the total cost of mobility to your business remains the same. It’s just not the same as most other mobility “buys.” Mainly because the mobility solutions necessary for field service and other industry operations require a much different level of internal and external safeguards, workflow processing capabilities, and connectivity. Plus, the implications of selecting the wrong solution extend far beyond the upfront costs.

Don’t be the one responsible for costing your company financial or productivity losses . Join me and my colleague Bob Ashenbrenner for an hour-long discussion with Field Technologies Online about the price of mobility – and peace of mind that you’re making the right investment and for the right reasons.

Without giving away all of our secrets, I will tell you this: The true costs of mobility aren't necessarily hidden, they’re just not always tangible. Therefore, it's easy to overlook the things that will influence your overall mobility spend long-term. And it’s easy to dismiss these same intangible factors as possible cost-saving contributors when you shouldn’t.

So if you’re…

  • In the market for a new mobile PC (or more centralized mobility solution) for your workforce;
  • Doubting the reliability, cost, or long-term survivability of your current mobile platform; or
  • Trying to weigh the pros/cons of the non-rugged PC (with a lower sticker price) against the seemingly more expensive cost and benefits of rugged tablet PCs, for example…

The insights we’ll share will directly impact business decisions and how you work in the future in and out of the office.

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