Jul 25, 2017

Mobile PCs Can Put the Brakes on Distracted Driving

by Bob Ashenbrenner

As mobile technology advocates, utility industry leaders, and employers to millions of field workers on the roads every day, we must heed today’s strong call to action to remove mobile device distraction as best as we can. ... Continued

Jul 20, 2017

Mobile Workers Can Only Work as Fast as Their Computers – How Fast is Yours?

by John Graff

Even the most skilled experts can only power through a task as quickly as their computer allows them. Insufficient computer performance can restrict workers’ productivity, and therefore, overall performance. That is why there has been a drive to engineer faster, more powerful mobile computers over the last two decades.... Continued

Jul 18, 2017

How Utilities Can Lockdown Mobile Security

by Bob Ashenbrenner

A breach of security will not result in your boss telling you “Nice try. It wasn’t really your fault. Here’s your bonus.” So utility IT professionals are under extreme pressure to identify the best technologies and perfect – and protect – their mobile strategy from day one.... Continued

Jul 14, 2017

Two Years: That’s All It Took for IoT to Take Hold and Rugged Tablets to Gain More Purpose

by John Graff

Just two years ago, the IoT market was still experimental, and it still is today depending on who you ask. But the underlying need to connect people to machines and data is not new. It is important to remember that every digital transformation that has occurred in the last 20 years has been facilitated by one fundamental and mission-critical component: the mobile computer.... Continued

Jul 11, 2017

Planning is Important, Reacting to Reality is Critical

by Bob Ashenbrenner

Today’s technicians deliver their value when they are in the field, and they need to have a truly mobile platform that allows them to simplify both planned and unplanned fieldwork, whether that work is an inspection, repair or maintenance workflow. Be willing to adapt your workflows as many times as it takes, and find devices, software and accessories that will support those workflow adaptations without requiring replacement every single time.... Continued

Jul 06, 2017

How Airlines Can Avoid Mobile Technology Meltdowns on the Tarmac

by Bob Ashenbrenner

Both mobile devices and airplanes have a dramatic failure mode if operated above their temperature limit. In fact, there have been instances of this is happening on the tarmacs of some U.S. airports this summer amongst mobile devices that weren’t built to be used in such extreme environments.... Continued

Jul 05, 2017

Spotlight on Airlines: When It’s Too Hot, Planes Don’t Fly and Mobile Devices Fail

by Bob Ashenbrenner

Travel is hot right now – literally and figuratively. We are at the peak of the summer travel season, which means airlines must do everything within their power to keep operations running smoothly and flights arriving on time. That’s why airlines are turning to technology both in the terminal and on the tarmac to unlock new efficiencies in their aircraft maintenance, refueling and even passenger loading operations. Mobile technology, specifically. ... Continued

Jun 29, 2017

Weathering the Storm: How Resilient Are Your Utilities’ Mobile Devices?

by Bob Ashenbrenner

A hallmark of today’s fast-response utility work crews is the use of reliable mobile devices in hand to manage service calls, coordinate preventative actions between plant and field teams, and conduct outage recovery efforts.... Continued

Jun 27, 2017

Wheels, Watson, and the Wide World of Mobility ROI

by Bob Ashenbrenner

Thanks to the mobile technologies now at their disposal, utilities are ideally positioned to improve their bottom line in the lucrative commercial sector.... Continued

Jun 22, 2017

4 Out of 4 Analysts Agree – Mobile Tech is Big and Growing

by Bob Ashenbrenner

CEOs and other executives finally see the ROI advantage of mobile technology and, therefore, the analysts are seeing greater use of mobile technology in field service organizations. Four out of four analyst firms agree that there is little resistance to the belief that more mobility tools are needed.... Continued

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