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RangerX Rugged
Testing Video

The new RangerX tablets survives some seriously tough testing: steel ball drop, shocks, vibration, water spray, and more.

Technology Tapout

Watch how Xplore rugged tablets take on the toughest situations, and survive- unlike other devices.

iX104C5 Survives
30 Ft. Drop

Armed with Intel's Solid State Drive, Xplore pushes the limit on its drop capabilities, reaching (and dropping) from new heights.

Xplore Tablet
Stress Test

Watch as a reviewer from Techland puts the Xplore iX104C5 to the test, exhibiting it to a series of trials. Does it survive?

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Xplore Corporate Overview

 Watch this short clip to learn more about Xplore Technologies and its mission statement.


Drop Test

A simple video displaying the iX104 undergoing its MIL STD 810G drop testing.

Ball Bearing Drop onto Screen

Worried about impacts to the screen? Watch this Xplore Tablet get a steel ball bearing dropped to the screen.

Xplore for Military Use

Watch this video to see how the Xplore Tablet is suited to work within the military.

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Stress Test
at the Beach

The iX104C5 spend the day at the beach, buried under sand, dunked under saltwater and dropped from various heights.

iX104C4 Review

 Watch this short review by for the C4.

iX104C5 Review

 A review by for the C5.


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