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The military operates in a vast range of demanding environments, and require highly specialized tools and equipment to successfully complete their missions.  With the ever-increasing presence of computers in operations, the digital battlefield has emerged as an important factor in today’s armed forces. Xplore’s military tablets offer a computing solution designed specifically for battlefield purposes, and meet the strictest military requirements for durability, communications, and security.  

Spec Sheet for the XC6 M2 Ultra Rugged Military Tablet

  • Situational Awareness and Analysis
  • GIS / Mapping / Plotting
  • Special Operations
  • Command and Control
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV/UAS)
  • Field Operations and Logistics
  • Personnel, Vehicle, and Equipment Tracking and Deployment
  • Field Information Access and Transmission Tracking
  • Ubiquitous Communications
  • Flight Line Maintenance
  • In-Vehicle Maintenance
  • HAHO/HALO jump management
  • Mission Planning
  • Military Police Operations
  • Field Dispatch
  • Security
  • Blue Force Tracking
  • Most Rugged In Its Class  
    - IP67: Dust-proof and Submersible (RangerX: IP65)   
    - Highest drop rating in industry: 7’ Operating (RangerX: 4’ Operating)  
    - MIL-STD-810G Certified for shock, heavy vibration, and more  
    - Operating Temperature: -34°F to 140°F (RangerX: -4°F to 140°F)
  • MIL-STD 461F Certified for Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Certified for Frontline Fixed Wing and Rotary Aircraft
  • 1300 NIT Direct Sunlight Readable Screen (XC6) or 500 NIT Vibrant Outdoor Viewable Screen (RangerX) for Easy Reading in Outdoor Areas
  • Night Vision Compatible
  • Field Upgradeable and Repairable with Tool-less Access: Quickly Recover and Secure Critical Data in Field
  • Military Grade Security Features (including Integrated CAC/Smart Card Reader for FIPs Compliance)
  • Customizable “Quiet Mode” – Adjust for one button activation- No Radio, No LED, No Fan, Night Vision
  • Docking Stations – Expand I/O Options with Mission Customized Modules
  • 2 or Sub-Meter GPS Capabilities (XC6) or 5M Accurate GPS Capabilities (RangerX) for Precisely Pinpointing Location in Critical Situations
  • XC6: Full Windows 7 or 8 Operating System to Easily Integrate with Existing Software
  • RangerX: Android Jelly Bean OS Allows for High Level of Customization, Tailoring Applications for the Task at Hand
  • Powerful Intel Core i5 or i7 (XC6) for Running Complex, Intensive Applications or ARM Coretex A9 (RangerX) to Run Industrial Tasks with Ease
  • XC6: Ten Finger Resistive Multi-Touch Display with Active Stylus: Works with Gloves and Wet Environments
  • RangerX: Glove-Touch Enabled Capacitive Display Ideal for Hazardous/Cold Areas<
  • Barcode Capable 5MP Rear Camera, and 720P Front Camera for Video Conferencing
  • Standard WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 Capabilities for Local Area Connections
  • Extensive Range of I/O to Connect with a Wide Variety of Existing Hardware  
    - XC6: 2 Full USB 3.0, Serial/VGA/HDMI-In, RJ-45 Ethernet, MicroSD and MicroSIM, Expansion Port  
    - RangerX: 2 Full USB 2.0, Micro SD, Micro HDMI-Out and RJ-45 Ethernet (swap with CAC Reader), Micro SD, SIM Card Reader
  • “The iX104… systems have improved the speed and accuracy of inspections and meter sets, enabling our field service representatives to streamline their data collection and reporting procedures.”
                     - David Stair
                     Field Services Manager, Huntsville Utilities
    Cable and Utilities
  • “The iX104C5 demonstrates a commitment to leveraging the latest technology to provide a product that can both build on the successes of the current generation platform as well as… meet the future needs of our customers.”                                        
    - Lesley Jaffray
    VP Sales, Filbitron
    Channel Partner
  • “The crew leaders appreciated the fact that the iX104 is a sealed unit, enabling it to withstand a variety of unfavorable elements including dust, rain, sleet, and mud.”

    - Michael Flaherty
    Field Crew Manager, HydroChem
    Field Services
  • “We selected Xplore’s Rugged Tablet PC System based on our needs for a rugged, reliable Tablet PC that provided screens that were actually viewable in varying outdoor lighting conditions and provided ATEX safety certifications.”

    - Field Service Supervisor
    Field Services
  • “Their ruggedness and outdoor-viewability are among the Xplore tablet’s best aspects… Our field employees are now better informed and the office staff has instant feedback on work performed.”

    - Andy Koostra
    Systems Manager, Consolidated Utilities
    Field Services
  • “… the officers have the ability to run the license or identification check immediately by themselves with answers coming back in seconds versus minutes.”

    - City PD Lieutenant
    Law Enforcement
  • “The Xplore Tablet PC is completely hardened and is able to withstand extreme climates and rough handling with no moving parts, such as hinged keyboards found in laptops that can be damaged.”

    - Michael J. Kozak
    Rochester Police Dept.
    Law Enforcement
  • “Selected because of their rugged, durable construction and ease-of-use, Xplore tablets allow the four graffiti abatement technicians to instantly input the information in the field to their computers instead of having to log everything manually.”

    - Crime Analyst
    Santa Monica PD
    Law Enforcement
  • “…the unit needs to be very robust to withstand the harsh conditions where we work. Before we found Xplore’s iX104 Tablet PC, we were looking at other units on the market, but they did not meet the level of mobility and high data processing capability that is important for us.”

    - Systems Manager
    Warehouse and Distribution
  • “We… could not go past the Xplore because of its durability, toughness, tolerance to temperature extremes, ability to withstand water immersion…”

    - Will Ferguson
    IT Manager, Westruss Manufacturing
    Manufacturing and Distribution
  • “The tablets are used in extremely demanding conditions, despite the fact that the systems are primarily used inside the vehicle… Xplore is the best rugged computer we found based on its durability and dust resistant systems.”

    - Group VP
  • “[The] accuracy of data collected on the Xplore tablets is approaching 100%... We have improved the speed and the accuracy of the inspections at the same time.”

    - John Dobie
    Senior Supervisor, HydroOne
    Cable and Utilities
  • “Before we found Xplore’s rugged tablet, we tested various devices, which looked good on paper, but failed in reality… It’s the combination of robustness and power that we and our customers demand…”

    - Project Manager
  • “The iX104 proved to be the best solution for us for a number of reasons; the weight, portability, ease-of-use, ruggedness, and screen viewability.”

    - Master Sergeant


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