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Benefits of Field Replacing and Warm Swappable Batteries in Rugged Tablets

Warm-swapable batteries help prevent downtime with rugged tablets.

When using rugged tablets in the field, computer downtime can create a whole host of problems. This can start with a delay of arrival on-site, then affect the forwarding of data acquisition and end with tardy completion of work. The primary element responsible for ensuring the mobility and performance of a rugged tablet is its battery.

A battery is the heart of a rugged tablet that keeps it running throughout the day. When some work days in the field last much longer than normal, crews need a device that will endure as long as they do. Rugged tablets that use warm swappable batteries can limit downtime. When a field computer needs another source for power, having workers in the field will cause them to rely even more on accessing an easy battery swap.

Thermal Management in Rugged Tablets

While thermal management technology might not seem the most glamorous feature on a mobile device, the operating temperature can control and influence many aspects such as performance, lifespan, affordability, range and efficiency.

While thermal management technology might not seem the most glamorous feature on a mobile device, the operating temperature can control and influence many aspects such as performance, lifespan, affordability, range and efficiency.

Field technicians are expected to work through all temperatures and having an outdoor tablet that can withstand any climate equips them with a dependable solution to keep things running smoothly. 

Processors inside rugged tablets have to keep cool and maintain a balanced temperature to ensure functionally and not overheat. This is where thermal management on field tablets comes into play. According to Intel, thermal management consists of two significant features: a cooling method efficiently mounted to the processor, and effective airflow through a section of the cooling solution to remove heat from the system.

The main priority for thermal management in a rugged tablet is to keep a processor at or below its highest operating temperature, the source cited. With limited space inside the device, thermal management has to effectively cool down the processor to make sure there are no malfunctions, or crashes.

How Rugged Tablets Can Guide Wind Farm Planning

The growth in wind energy has more manufacturers and energy companies set on adding to the total U.S. capacity as the technology around them makes it simpler to plan a wind farm project.

The total energy generated by wind turbines in the U.S. has more than tripled since 2008, and many experts believe it will continue to rise, reported the American Wind Energy Association. The growth in wind energy has more manufacturers and energy companies set on adding to the total U.S. capacity as the technology around them makes it easier to plan a wind farm project.

With technology becoming more mobile than ever, wind turbine planners are able to take their devices out in the field and test wind strengths for possible layouts. According to the World Wind Association (WWA), during the initial site analysis process, developers have to find an area where wind speeds will not drop 10 percent lower than expected, since it could shorten the energy yield by 30 percent.

Rugged Tablets Helps Manage Construction Crews' Operations, Absences

Having a successful construction company in today's age can be obtained through better management and monitoring to reduce downtime or budgetary concerns.

Having a successful construction company in today's age can be achieved through better management and monitoring to reduce downtime or budgetary concerns. More construction firms are looking for ways to consolidate their daily operations to increase overall productivity, reported Construction Digital.

Construction firms are fast-moving businesses that rarely settle at one specific work site for too long, and many crews are discovering how new technology can help streamline the process. Construction management juggles a lot of tasks on a work site, but one of the most challenging is monitoring all-around attendance and making sure workers arrive to different sites on time. According to the source, other attendance systems used on construction sites are creating problems because of easily misconstrued hour log-ins and reporting inefficiencies. 

Satellite TV Technicians Seeing Happier Customers With Rugged Tablets

Satellite television technicians rely heavily on customer interactions, and rugged tablets can improve sales with limited downtime, which will ultimately improve customer satisfaction.

The world of television service providers is extremely competitive, and having the right technology can improve sales and customer satisfaction. Specifically, the satellite television service provider industry specifically relies heavily on customer interaction as most installations are handled remotely, in the customer's home.

Professionalism from satellite television technicians is absolutely necessary to make sure installations are handled quickly and correctly. When on the job, downtime can be a technician's worst nightmare. If the technician experiences any computer malfunction, the customer could wait hours or even days to get their service installed or simply repaired. However, with work order management applications on mobile devices, work schedules could be clearer and more precise for every satellite television technician in the field.

Improving Face-to-Face Interactions
Technicians are constantly working in person with the customers. As such, satellite television service providers need to acknowledge the importance of creating meaningful customer interactions with the help of valuable equipment.

Rugged Tablets Could Help The Army Protect Against UAV Combat

The Pentagon is currently focusing on ways to limit the number of U.S. troops on foreign soil, while relying more on mobile technology to control unmanned vehicles.

The Pentagon is currently focusing on ways to limit the number of U.S. troops on foreign soil, while relying more on mobile technology to control unmanned vehicles, reported Defense Systems Magazine. The U.S. military is not only searching for ways to increase the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), but also the technology needed to defend them. Combat against UAVs is growing and having reliable mobile equipment to control unmanned devices is necessary.

"U.S. forces will be increasingly threatened by reconnaissance and armed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the near and far future," a spokesperson for the Pentagon said in an official statement, according to Federal Business Opportunities. "All levels of detection, decision and defeat should be considered when developing and proposing a capability." 

Rugged Tablets Easy to Clean for Pharmaceutical Professionals

Rugged tablets are giving scientists and professionals an easy-to-clean device that fits strict cleanroom guidelines.

The pharmaceutical industry has evolved into a high-tech world of chemical engineering. As laboratories continue to explore the possible boundaries of medical solutions, professionals need a mobile device that keeps up with the latest standards.

Pharmaceutical and bio-med labs often face some of the strictest cleanroom requirements, and daily decontamination processes are necessary for the majority of the equipment used. Air-flow rates, pressurization, temperature and special filtration needs to be tightly controlled in a cleanroom. According to Coast Wide Laboratories, a typical office building contains anywhere from 500,000 to 1 million particles per cubic foot of air, while a Class 100 cleanroom never allows more than 100 particles per cubic foot of air.

Having a rugged tablet that is completely dust-tight with no particle entrance ports allows scientists use mobile computers in controlled environments. Equipment has to go through a rotation of disinfectants every two weeks and only cleanroom approved wipers are allowed, reported the Center of Excellence for Regenerative Health Biotechnology (CERHB). 

Road Construction Crews Paving the Way with Rugged Tablets

Road construction crews work through all hazards and climates, and they need a rugged tablet as tough as their job.

In the digital age, technology is helping industries resolve issues at faster rates, and for road construction crews, the advancements in mobile devices are letting them prepare for job sites earlier. The weather conditions are ever-changing and most crews face numerous hazards from passing cars to highly dangerous equipment usage. Staying mobile is necessary part of the job for construction crews.

Multiple new technology devices are used to track potholes, cracks and lose pavement in roads so crews can get to them faster. For some cities, after the winter months, the snow, salt and freezing temperatures can do serious damage to streets, and workers are expected to get the repairs into create passable roadways.

However, there are cities that don't face the cruel winter months and still have road repair issues. According to Newsday, the top 10 large urban areas with the worst ride quality include cities like San Francisco, Oklahoma City and Los Angeles, which are all warm-weathered locations.

Border Patrol Stays Mobilized with Rugged Tablets

Border Patrol agents need a mobile device with military grade security, and a tablet durable enough for the desert terrain between the U.S. and Mexico.

The U.S. Border Patrol faces dangerous and harsh environments each day when protecting and safeguarding the nation's land. Patrolling the Mexican border entails coping with the heat of the glaring sun, dust and sand, rugged terrain and constantly being in communication with posts and law enforcement agencies.

Officers in the field have to stay mobile as their patrolling location changes throughout the day and are tasked with different operations. Agents have to be in communication with air and ground forces to make sure the borders are safe. Having stationary devices can severely limit the mobility of officers and cause downtime between alerting other agents.

As techniques change for those illegally entering the country, the U.S. Border Patrol has to stay on top of their game. Agents can work better in the field by using specific technology tailored to their needs. Patrol agents need to be swift, given the land they have to monitor has a high escape level.

3 Rugged Tablet Apps to Empower Police Officers in the Field


Technology has been used for decades to help law enforcement investigate and solve crimes at faster rates. While the world continues to grow around mobile technology, police departments are embracing the latest devices, and using them to give them an advantage while in the field.

Mobile technology has significantly increased in police computers to make them lighter, more durable and faster for officers on the go. Advanced touch screens have slimmed down in size, which makes it all the more portable for officers while on foot.

Tablets have brought an onslaught of new mobile applications to use while on the job. Many new apps have been tailored to officers in the field so they can receive information faster and use technology to help prevent crime. While the increase in mobile apps has certainly helped officers use technology for their benefit, it's still tough to search through and find the right programs.

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