• The iX104C5 Family of Rugged Tablet PCs
  • The RangerX Lightweight Fully Rugged Android Tablet
  • iX104C5 Tablets are the Most Rugged Tablet PCs on Earth
  • The ix104C5 DMSR LTE Rugged Tablet with 4G LTE
  • Xplore Rugged Tablets are Optimized for Hazardous Environments
  • Xplore Manufactures the Most Rugged Military Computers Available
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RangerX Rugged Android Tablet with Google Play and Glove Touch

Xplore and the Environment

Xplore Tablets are Energy Star Compliant

Xplore Tablet PCs are Certified Safe for Explosive Atmospheres

Xplore Technologies is recognized in the efficient design and manufacturing of IT products. We have a commitment as environmental stewards to produce our product with the smallest impact on the environment.

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Xplore Technologies

The Most Rugged Tablets on Earth

The Xplore iX104C5 Rugged Tablet PCXplore Technologies has been the world leader and innovator in rugged tablet PCs since 1996. The iX104 ultra rugged tablet line and RangerX fully rugged Android tablet are the most reliable and durable tablets on the market, engineered with the latest tablet technology and rugged design innovations.

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